Pallet Rack

Product Feature

Commonly known as adjustable pallet racking, this is perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking because it provides 100% selective storage up to 16m in height, utilizing valuable air space.

Uprights bear the full load of the pallet racking system. The transfer of rack loads from the beams through the uprights is therefore critical to overall system strength, safety and performance.

We usually supply upright protector and frame protector to prevent upright from damage.

Deflection of a beam is less than 1/250L.

Beam connector available: 2- hooker, 3 - hooker, 4 - hooker connectors, depending on the load capacity per level.

which guarantee the beam is correctly positioned and help prevent the beam being accidentally dislodged during its work.

Advantages of Pallet Racking

1.Good stock rotation

2.Good order picking; 100% selectivity

3.Good product protection

4.Low floor area utilization – 30% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area

5.Limited pallet redundancy as the system can run at 95% capacity, with a competent

6.Warehouse Management System (WMS).